Review: The Deep Eynde

The Deep Eynde
““Suicide Drive E.P.””
(Black Cabaret Records)

A DIY gothic rock release, but don’t be fooled by the word “gothic.”  This album isn’t for your oh so unhappy little frowny boy or girl in white face make up who would be much happier if the Vampire Lestat would only come to them and bestow his dark gift.  No, contrarily, The Deep Eynde’s Suicide Drive E.P. is for people who remember the celebratory and even joyous side of gothic that Bauhaus introduced in the early eighties.  The Deep Eynde’s vocalist, Fate Fatal, lays his dark brooding vocals over some up tempo drumming and some punk oriented riffing reminiscent at times of The Misfits. That is, the old Glen  fronted Misfits, not the group of imposters touring around with a little boy. But the punk influenced Gothic guitar sound isn’t surprising since the guitarist, The Fly, originally riffed away for the infamous Bay Area punk group, The Insaints.  Of the few goth bands left around that aren’t using all sorts of digital bleeps and whistles from the industrial side of the fence, The Deep Eynde rise above.  I do, however, have a gripe with the sound of the release.  The production is clean on the album, but the music is deserving of more, especially considering the thinness of the guitar leads.  I hope the next album from these guys gets justice in the studio.  The final word: If you’re a fan of Goth rock and haven’t heard this album, you’re missing out.