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DJ WILLOW – interview by kevin farr


The Scene (in Clairemont) first exposed my eyes and ears to blissful sounds and styles of DJ WILLOW. The young and talented turntablist/artistist has cultivated a style that touches your heart while motivating your feet. With a blend of jazz over hip hop WILLOW has conspired with his mind and body to bless the tables when he spins. Delivering soothing funk layered with perfectly timed scratches WILLOW shall not bend nor break.
Listen up, this kat has some serious skills, so save the beer and blunt money and find out when he’ll be rockin the one’s and two’s. Let’s motivate Diego, support the scene that supports you. I guarantee DJ WILLOW we deliver all I’ve promised and more. You want some hot shit SD, well he delivers a large serving of the hottest feces one would wish to consume.

“19 baby”

Born where?

Will die from?
“What?” “Ahh…Stress”

At what age?
“You know I’m having a good day, so I’m gonna say (pause) 75”

Years Spinning Records?
“Ahhh, I guess since 97 but I’ve had my tables since 99, so I’ve really been practicing everyday since 99.

What do you listen to; tell me some of your influences?
“Ahh, defiantly Jimi Hendrix, EVS is defiantly some hot instrumental music gotta check that guys stuff, ahh Shadow, Krush… um… GHE, you know Massive Attack, Portis Head etc. Instrumental goodies is my stuff but off course Quantic and Apehex Twin, soul, jazz, funk etc. Rock, psyche rock, gotta love the psyche rock, god I could go on all day.”

How is Grazel and Mad Martaken?
“My mom used to call me her willow a lot when I came home from school for getting suspended or whatever the situation was, that I was in trouble with (big brother) or whatever, I was never trippen out about it and she said, “your like a willow you bend but you never break you never freak out, for your age that’s amazing.” Cause you know all her other kids would flip, she said I was the willow, that’s the only tree that never broke, it just flows. So I was like, that’s a perfect name but I don’t know it might change soon. I don’t know if it’s carrying the weight of what I’m doing. Plus it’s more of a nickname.”

How did you come you come up with the concept to incorporate jazz over break beats, was that something that was influenced by someone else?
“Oh yea, doing what I do I’m just tiring to bring every music that I like at once. Rather then having it be a hip-hop set or a break beat set or whatever you know what I’m saying, like… I’m just trying to play ever single music I collect at once.”

Who taught or inspired you to spin records?
“I started mixing break beats when I was 15 and beat matching was cool but then I met Tenshun from San Diego, he was like the first guy I ever saw play originals to hip hop tracks an stuff. In front of a crowd he would play the dirtiest trip hop shit and then move right on to a jazz song, scratch and put drums over it; like do turn tabilistish over straight ahead jazz music, like adding percussions where there was only high hats you know what I’m saying. He was a sound scientist man he always dug so deep.

What do you think of the San Diego music scene?
“(Pause)… Massive flux of energy, defiantly sometimes shitty sometimes amazing. And over the years it changed so much, the scene always circulates, the people always circulate. I just don’t recognize very many people out any more and that’s how it’s gonna be for a little I guess and I’m sure it will change again. It’s just a fluxuating thing and it’s always gonna be different. It’s has to be different.”

What is your impression or concept of underground music and how does San Diego fit into that concept?
“(Pause) Damn, you have some good questions. Ask me that one more time. Well under ground is so clichéd at this point. Good music is provided by a person or a unit of persons who knows how to make people go bazurk and really touch their guts. And I think a lot of young kids who don’t have good quality equipment they just do the best with what they got and they bust there fucking asses with what they got. And that’s some of the best underground so-called music because they’re still hungry. Were still hungry, I’m a little kid I’m starving, I’m ready to fucking eat every one. That’s what makes good underground music is that know body is given them money to do anything. People like the Creatures Crew, myself, Tenshun, Rickie, Robust…I think they’re gonna be doing the hot shit that’s cutting edge coming up. EVS as well a few specific heads are gonna blow up. Akward, Master’s of the Univers. ORKO of course the most respect to that mofo man, Icons, Future Shock, and Drumz Team 2002. There gonna be creating the raw underground here.”

Do you think heads here are ready for that?

“That’s what I’m saying those are the only people and they don’t hardly perform that’s what I’m getting at. They don’t get booked I don’t get booked here. I don’t think people are ready; I don’t want to dis my city I think there defiantly…I pray to god that people are responding to me. I’m praying that people will accept what we do and what the cutting edge is. And I’m given it to them the best I can and they got to be willing to except it first and foremost. And they haven’t showed us that they’re ready or maybe our shit sucks. Hopefully they will start to show us, you know what I’m saying. Then we can be accepted as the new generation and all us young kids can come out of our bedrooms with our bedroom styles and bring it to um. And I think San Diego can be ready and I think it can be a great scene, I have faith. I ‘m not just gonna move to the bay (pause)… not yet anyway.”

What are some of your musical goals?
“To wake San Diego up defiantly even if I have to force-feed yall you have to realize that there is so much out there besides these 21 and up clubs. To wake people up that’s my future goal, in this city to make it crack. I know there aren’t to many all ages clubs but believe me, when were older and able to spin at clubs, will still be delivering our bedroom styles to you, will still be making that raw shit. I love SD with all my heart and I’ll try to represent that the best I can.”

Why do you think George Bush hasn’t screwed any interns like Bill Clinton did yet?

“He defiantly has, he’s just way fucking harder, like as far as cowboyism he’ll fucking… he’ll have you executed if you tell. Bush is not a nice guy he can get away with whatever…he’s fucking all the intern’s right now, defiantly I know he is, there is no doubt in my mind. He probably has way bigger balls then Clinton but he can’t do much with his peter but his balls are tremendous.”