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back to DVD reviews home Artist: Ozzy Osbourne Title: Ozzy O: Unauthorized Label: Music Video Distributors

For this DVD, the “unauthorized” appellation seems more a legal necessity than an advertisement in muck racking. For, rather than in the sordid approach of paperback expositions, “Ozzy O: Unauthorized” contributes as much to the hagiography as it does to the humanization of this near-mythical figure. Pasted together from numerous sources both video and audio (though not featuring any Ozzy or Sabbath songs), this provides a well-directed and detailed collage of the somewhat mysterious artist. An actor posing as an over-zealous metal fan used to bumper segments is the only content weakness in this documentary. Including much in the way of candid interviews and litanies of Ozzy’s substance abuse history, this DVD goes far to straighten out about all the biting off of the heads of flying creatures. Including interviews with the fans the brought the “dead” bat to the Des Moines concert, detail is given to this even as well as the dove decapitation that occurred before the record executives and presaged his successful solo album discography.

Tom “Tearaway” Schulte