Modern Fix


back to DVD reviews home Artist: Happy Tackle Title: Puppetry of the Penis Label: VSC

The last time the Fix kicked me down a DVD, it was the lusty and salacious pairing of nekkid porno chicks and the fine art of cookery. Perhaps in order to do their part in maintaining the cosmic equilibrium they have dropped this tumescent new flick on my plate. Happy Tackle has lots of buck naked maleness and no nude hos, but its still entertaining despite the replacement of erect nipples and brownie mix with a whole lot of cocks and balls. Simon Morley and David “Friendy” Friend, two hairy Australian provocateurs, have developed a rousing routine of “dick tricks” by twisting and contorting their genitalia into such masterpieces as the “Hamburger” and the “Loch Ness Monster.” Their rise to fame is documented in this long, hard look at the emergence of a brand spanking new form of entertainment. If you can stomach the ample footage of the two penis puppeteers beaten and battered units, you’ll be able to see the Melbourne boys as they book gigs, travel cross-country through the Australian outback in an ancient clunker, get shut down on indecency charges, go to jail, and gain breathless acclaim from critics and fans alike(“It’s fantastic! I told my son he has to go home and practice,” remarks a grandmotherly dame). So check out the tackle if you dare, then start beating out some tricks of your own.

Scott Burroughs