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This is a CD/DVD release by Atom and His Package. The CD is a single live performance, while the DVD includes the same show (with video, duh), a another live performance, a homemade video and a few short documentary-type things. For those not in the know, Atom (Adam Goren) plays humorous pop-synth-smart-punk stuff, usually not accompanied by live band members but by analog and digital equipment. His songs are fun, he enjoys hockey and judging from the live videos on the DVD, is quite slimy while playing. When Atom is interviewed, he often speaks about the joys of not having to deal with other band members on the road, and most people who have been in bands would understand (while an equal amountof people give him shit for). Although I’ve never seen him perform, I’m definitely a fan and found this DVD worthy, though somewhat poorly authored. Don’t make me fast forward thru his live performance to check out a song thirty minutes in, damnit! Who authored this DVD, the Dali Llamas?