Review: Dynamite Hack

Dynamite Hack
(Woppitzer Records, Inc)

Dynamite hack is the band whose soft sounding, acoustic cover of “boyz-n-the hood” brought phrases like “stupid bitch” and “nasty-ass weave” into mainstream, radio-land where little boys and girls could listen, learn and spit out over a family dinner, “I was jockin the bitches and slappin the hos”.  Their first, full-length, self-produced CD is called “Superfast” and is nothing like the infamous cover-song, but is an androgynous showcase of pop-punk-rock.  Songs like “Wussypuff” and “Alvin” navigate screaming vocals and searing guitars into sure-to-please-the-rock-loving-public works of radio art.  Thankfully enough, the love songs on “Superfast” are not the first-kiss, sugar coated “Roses are Red” sonnets we are heartily accustomed to, but more realistic relationship scenarios, like in “Slice of Heaven”, where they sing, “and it seems you yell at me; tell yourself that I don’t care, the things you say, the drugs you take, what’s keeping me here? Right here, slice of heaven I’d known”.  For a self-produced, first effort, “Superfast” is impressive at the very least and entertaining in a way that is sure to choke the allowance out of pre-teens everywhere.