Review: El Guapo  

El Guapo
““The Geograpy of Dissolution””
(Mud Memory)

Ditching distorted guitars for accordians, oboes, English horn, keyboards and . . .  glockenspiel  . . .  D.C. ex-post-punkers El Guapo approach more free-jazz type of sounds and textures on this CD, which features two of their live sets.  Unlike most art-rock intellectuals who’ve gone the way of way gone, El Guapo haven’t left a trace of rock or pop for the average alternative music enthusiast to cling to.  You’ll find more Mingus here than Mission of Burma.  This is an ambitious piece of work some might deem pretentious, but it successfully escapes the confines of indyness towards something truly out there for fans of truly out there music.