““Confederacy of Ruined Lives””
(Century Media)

I dig these guys. Always have. I was bummed in ‘98 when Mike Williams (vocals) left the band while still on tour for the “Dopestick” album. These guys are back in a huge way and a little more sober (I think). With the release of B-sides earlier this year called Southern Discomfort I’m stoked to hear some new shit from these New Orleans natives. “Confederacy of Ruined Lives” is southern hardcore at it’s best.  Killer Sabbathy guitars mixed with driving bass lines, hardass drums and vocals that make you want to kill yourself makes this album a must have for fans of bands like Buzzoven and Iron Monkey as well as others that like it slow and low. “Self Medication Blues” and “99 Miles of Bad Road” is EYEHATEGOD straight up.