Review: Fall Silent

Fall Silent
““Six Years in the Desert””
(Revelation Records)

Fast, furious, slightly screeching, is how I describe Fall Silent. This is definitely a metal band with some hardcore influence. Very similar sound to Pantera but with less dynamics, though they do bring a lot of energy with every song. I had trouble telling one song from the next but their music is really tight. Vocals are definitely the focal point of every song and the band plays well together since their release of No Strength to Suffer back in ‘96. Fall Silent is another angry metal group growing up in Reno, NV watching bands like Seven Seconds and carrying on the positive vocals by them and also their east coast counterparts like Youth of Today. They speak out against the negativity of the hardline straightedge movement-in spite of some members’ continued commitment to clean living. If you like emotional, fast, hardcore metal fun then these guys are for you. SIX YEARS IN THE DESERT is out in stores now.