Review: The Forsaken

The Forsaken
““Manifest Of Hate””
(Century Media)

When did extreme metal become a synonym for grinding death metal?  The self-described extreme (death) metal band  In a similar vain as fellow label mates, Cryptosy, The Forsaken are a highly technical and grind based death metal band.  The newest on the quickly growing Swedish scene, offers us “Manifest Of Hate”.  A good album that doesn’’t do anything ground breaking, but it does present well played up beat death metal with a single exception.  Intro/Manifest Of Hate sounded almost exactly like the developments from a certain English black metal band, and then back to slaughter.  All in all, “Manifest Of Hate”, falls on the melodic side of things.  Straying away from straight up beat blasts, the speed and technicality of the musicianship tend to carry the bulk of the heavy sound.  Plenty of double bass drum always gets a good vote in my book.  The vocals were slightly out of the ordinary at times, often sounding like the standard method  (grrrrrr..raaaraaaraaa!!), but then go some place completely unexpected: intelligible! The last track, “Inseminated By The Beast”, was by far the heaviest, fastest, most relentless, and brutal song on the album.  Indeed, it could be the high-watermark of the band for awhile to come.  With  “Manifest Of Hate”, don’t expect anything you haven’t heard before, but The Forsaken are one hell (no pun intended) of a death metal band.