Review: Guided By Voices

Guided By Voices
““Isolation Drills””
(TVT Records)

Jesus. What an I listening to? Seriously now, other music critics are comparing Guided By Voices frontman and principle songwriter, Robert Pollard, to Mozart and motherfucking Shakespeare of all goddamn people!  Now, critics, especially music critics who typically have lots of words to use and little meaning to actually impart pack excess verbiage into both their praise and defamation.  I’d have to say this is the case with the knuckle heads who are all but claiming the second coming of Christ.  “Robert Pollard cures lepers with his mesmerizingly beautiful pop melodies!” boasts Rolling Stone.  “Third track on GBV’s ‘Isolation Drills’  turns water into wine,” writes Spin magazine.  “GBV’s virtuoso vocalist raises the dead with breathtaking, dead raising song writing skills,” says Interview.  Okay, here’s my take.  I’’ve never heard any GBV before, ever.  Not once.  This album has very clean, meticulous production and a tiring, relaxed beauty not heard since maybe R.E.M.’s “Fables of the Reconstruction.”  It’s passionate, easy going, hard to dislike short pop ditties that never over stay their welcome.  The album’s course of sixteen tracks falls short of the fifty minute mark.  You do the math.  It’s good sharp indie rock.  And that’s not easy to achieve.  The indie rockers usually wallow and ultimately drown under their own pretensions, but not Guided By Voices.  Beware, the over abundant praise thrown on this band by other critics is enough to make a guy vomit in terror, but there’s no need.  It’s all a load of pretense that they throw up since GBV’s throws no pretense of their own.  It’s music.  Period.  NOT Shakespeare, Mozart, Picasso and the son of fucking Zeus all rolled into one and digitally encoded on a plastic disc.