Review: The Hangmen

by pr!

Whatever happened to Johnny Thunders? Oh yeah, he died in his hotel room while staying in New Orleans back in 1991, eerily, thirteen years ago to the day I’m writing this. Wow, that’s kind of creepy. I think had Johnny not stopped on 5th and Elm to purchase that deadly sack, he’d be down with The Hangmen. Some may argue that he might have already been a fan, since The Hangmen came out with their first album back in 1989, but the band probably doesn’t remember. See, back then, The Hangmen were picked up by Capitol amidst a frantic scramble to sign up as many rock bands as possible, and were subsequently fucked, in a manner of speaking. Their openly-honest absorption of the typical rock drugs (see: Mr. Thunders) probably rotted out most of the memories created inside their brains during that time period. So what are we left with? A band that is more Everclear than Social Distortion. More Rolling Stones than AC/DC. The band (vocalist/guitarist Bryan Small, Rane Raitsikka also on guitars, Angelique Congleton on bass and backup vocals and Todd Haney on drums) recorded this new album earlier this year in everyone’s least favorite city, Los Angeles, resulting in one tasty rock nugget. A dozen original tracks and a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Citadel” makes me yearn for Pabst. But hey, this is classy music we’re listening to, so get some Miller High Life, put your feet on the coffee table (fuck what your girl says) and nod your head. Yeah, that’s right.