Review: Hint Hint

Hint Hint
“Sex Is Everything”
(Cold Crush)

Woohoo! Cold Crush Records, the new label from Steve Aoki of Dim Mak fame and Derek Fudesco of Pretty Girls Make Graves; this is gonna be righteous. Except it’s not. Average or less is what it really is. Imagine Liars being less schizophrenic, or Hot Hot Heat being less funky. Radio 4 being less no-wave-aggro? Imagine any of the disco-punk-funk bands Hint Hint ape being less than unique and you can imagine the metronomic unoriginality this oozes.

It’s just bland, and that’s boring. The dark twangy guitars, the whiny pitch of the agitated vocalist and the hollow grinding synthesizer go nowhere except in circles. In all fairness, there are one or two interesting moments woven into the schmaltz, just not enough to save this from it’s own drabness. And to be bored by a mere 20 minute exercise says a lot.