Book Review: Douglas Clegg “The Hour Before Dark”

Douglas Clegg
“The Hour Before Dark”
(Leisure Books)

With this foray into the realm of psychological terror, Douglas Clegg takes his readers on a wild ride through buried secrets, brain-washing, mind control and a family besieged by madness. This novel is not for the faint of heart as the murder (butcher) of their father brings Nemo and Bruno Raglan back to Burnley Island to join their sister Brooke as they try to make sense of things that are beyond sense. And then there are the memories . . . The Dark Game they played as children that must NEVER continue past sunset – but wait, it did. The mother that left them behind when they were so young to be raised by their father – the father that sat with them on the hard-packed dirt of the smokehouse floor and taught them the Dark Game. The house with no halls, just doors from room to room to room – except there are passageways behind the rooms. As the story unfolds and each secret is revealed the suspense level builds until the very end of this book and you never know what hit you until it does!

Mary Ellen