Modern Fix

JOE COFFEE – by pr!


I’ve been getting into coffee lately, which is a double-edged sword. It increases productivity, tastes good, but stains your teeth and probably kills my body a little more with each cup. I guess that’s what I get for being 31. Joe Coffee is not exactly a new kid on the block either… Paul Bearer, vocalist, looks like the poorer, angrier (and shorter?) version of the singer from Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and the music reflects that. Gone is the trumpity lumpity skarock you’d expect from the Bosstones because, well, this isn’t the same band. It’s Joe Coffee. If you’ve got an old, grey t-shirt with NYHC in your closet, then you’re probably more then familiar with Sheer Terror. Came out in the mid 80’s in New York, they became one of those bands that were just popular enough in the underground to gain infamy and notoriety, but not enough to support the band. Paul left the band and started Joe Coffee. Vocals have a ‘been thru a couple of overnighters’ type of tone, and that’s exactly how I like it to be. Growly. Angry. There can be an easy comparison to Mr. Lemmy from Motorhead, but it’s faint enough not to unconciously irritate. On guitar is Ray Canapini (who, if I’m not mistaken, was the singer for Sealed With a Fist and was in Tonystark) joined by Joel Hamilton (from Players Club, Shiner and Glazed Baby). On the bass is Mike Welles and on the drums, Goat, both of which I can’t really find what their previous bands were. Nevertheless, Joe Coffee is garage rock and roll, thick and noisy, and fits his vocals better then I think they did with Sheer Terror. “Bright As The Stars We’re Under” is actually a re-release of an earlier version, except this includes an extra live track. If you like Social Distortion but agree that Mike Ness is just a bitch (because he is), check out Joe Coffee.

2004 “Bright As The Stars We’re Under” (Street Anthem)