Review: Judge D

Judge D
“Judgement Time: From the Mouth Of The Judged”
(Suburban Noize)

I was highly anticipating this release for quite some time now. The Judge has made appearances on the past two KMK releases and those songs turned out to be some of the Kottonmouth Kings strongest material. After receiving “Judgement Time” in the mail I can honestly say I was not disappointed. The Judge manages to combine the best elements of hip-hop, rock, and electronic beats to form something truly unique and fantastic. His lyrics are thoughtful and insightful, the flow is perfect and his political stance is great.

Songs like “Dogs on the Hunt” and “Universal Soldier” show that rap/rock isn’t horrible when it’s done properly. KMK’s Johnny Richter guests on “Judgement Time” to make for an explosive song. Judge D shows his versatility with “War In My Head” where his vocals stretch to melodic heights. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this disc because it hasn’t left my Cd player since I received it. I haven’t been this impressed by a debut since I received Corporate Avenger’s “Freedom Is a State of Mind”. What time is it? It’s judgement time. You have been warned.