Kimmel and McConaughey go old-school for local Austin commercial


Austin, Texas is home to SXSW, a yearly event showcasing film, interactive media, and music. It is the hip place for up and coming artists to be showcased in an array of ever-competing hyper-marketing. The buzz of this year is a fake scenester slut that raises the hopes of horny industry males with a mis-leading auto-bot chat courtesy of hook-up Tinder.

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel and Matthew McConaughey to simultaneously skewer the marketing mentality of SXSW while creating comedic gold. McConaughey even takes a self-effacing shot at the moody car commercials he did for Lincoln Motor Company.

I am not sure about that rabid mongoose McConaughey has strapped to his chin, but it lends to the pawn shop aesthetic.

Commercials used to really look like this. On VHS even… classic.