Review: Lamb Of God

Lamb Of God
““New American Gospel””
(Metal Blade Records)

Burn the Priest have been reborn as the mighty Lamb of God, all hail! Produced nicely by the infamous Steve Austin of Today Is The Day fame, Lamb of God manage to throw together innumerable forms of metal to become unconquerable killing machine. Picture the best aspects of grind, death, and crusty hardcore in one band. You will be convinced that drums were either digital or toyed with in the studio, but these are not fucked with at all. The lyrics are great on here, better then I’ve read in a long time. Dark, sarcastic, and brutal. Steve even lends his unique vocals for one track on here. The band labels themselves as “American Metal”. Usually that’s something that most bands aren’’t really proud to be, but Lamb of God might actually give the European bands a run for their money. Join in the flock.