Review: Land Speed Record!

Land Speed Record!
““Road to Flight””
(Resin Records)

There’s a guy who lives downstairs from me who I always see smoking and he’s always wearing a shirt that says “I love Robots”.  On my way to the mailbox yesterday I struck up a conversation with him and somehow Land Speed Record! came up.  “Oh, those guys rule!”  He said.  “Kind of like early Cake with more synthesizers.  And their singer sort of sounds like Rivers Cuomo-you know, Weezer’s singer-and I totally dig the way his lyrics are all esoteric, like in that song “The Bleeding Heart of Cement” when he’s all, ‘And as the ties are severed the solder melts – and quickly disappears’, I mean nobody really knows what it means or anything, but it’s so cool.  They even remind me of REM a little bit, how they’re not afraid to just mix it up and put in all this weird experimental electronic stuff accompanied by more traditional guitars and drums and stuff.  I just can’t get enough of LSR, man.   And don’’t you think it’s cool how there’s all of that distortion surrounding all of the songs, so it sounds all space-agey, like it’’s coming from another galaxy?  .”