Review: Marz

““Lung Fu Mo She””
(E-Magine Entertainment, Inc.)

Finally someone has it right.  Not to say that every one of you rap-metal bands out there has it wrong, but for once there’s a successful effort to take this “new” genre of music in a different direction – one that doesn’t reside in the neighborhood of a food group.  Personally, I’m sick of being force-fed Korn and Bizkits. With Zlatko Hukic, former Ministry guitarist, as the album’s driving force, Lung Fu Mo She is flirting with brilliance.  It maintains an electronically-driven grim disposition and is layered with sinister guitars and wicked backbeats that slap you in the face.  Expect spiritually empowering lyrics with the brutality of an NWA score dispensing poetic justice across the board.  The closest song comparison I can make is Outkast’s “Bombs over Baghdad”.  Lung Fu Mo She’s rap roots really come through in this crossover, sharpened by unusual samples and Hukic’s methodical, intense vocals.  Truthfully, Marz is an entity unique unto itself.