Review: Mos Def

Mos Def
“The New Danger”

It’s too bad that this album isn’t very good. Mos Def has his moments for sure… “Sex Love and Money” is a SICK track (flute and all) and is reminiscent of the power that Mos Def is capable of, but it turns out that his main weapon is actually rap rock. The first moments of an album aren’t supposed to be like this, yet here we are, forced to begin “The New Danger” with 2nd rate Limp Bizkit tracks like “Freaky Black Greetings” and then “Zimzallabim”, both which are downright awful and will surely disgust the average Mos Def fan. Are there good tracks on here? For sure… “Close Edge” (you may remember this song from his performance on The Chappelle show) has a boring beat but is a good showcase for Mos Def’s lyrical abilities, and tracks like “Sunshine” and “Life is Real” makes this album worthy of listens, but man, that rap rock (like “War”) really makes my stomach hurt.