Review: Munkafust

““Down for Days””
(Pinch Hit Records)

All systems are a go for Munkafust’s fifth endeavor, Down for Days. This jam-band/rock/funk/reggae concoction smoothly navigates through the album, delivering potentially chart-topping pop songs with sonic ease.   Titling an album as such, one would think to brace oneself for a dark, soulful experience, but ironically, it’s the polar opposite.  This journey is pleasant and uplifting, and although Munkafust generally makes light of life itself, it retains some of that anticipated soul.  They are invariably all gifted musicians with a knack for shaping a sound that demands the attention of the Top 40 listener, but retains its own funky, individualism.  As a whole, Down for Days is a tuneful road map alive with lyrical twists and turns, allowing you to unearth its humor sans the Blink 182 grade-school exhibition.  And if you’re in the market for for a balls out night filled with fun and dancing, Munkafust’s live act is one not to be missed.