Review: Mushmouth

““Lift the Curse””
(Triple Crown Records)

Do you remember Mushmouth? That groupie with the lampshade on his head from Fat Albert?  Well, he’s back and now he’s got a hardcore band!  Ok, not really.  Mushmouth (who are in the process of changing their name to Out to Win) is a brutal combination of hardcore and metal, full of pulverizing guitars and “grrrr, roar” lyrics.  While perhaps not as deft musically as fellow East Coast rockers Biohazard or Affinity, Mushmouth nevertheless delivers quite promisingly on tracks like, “Cold” where lead screamer Henzel barks “You strip my life from me – You expect me to go on – My heart bleeds, the pain I feel – And still you think you’’ve done no wrong.”  Those harsh words coupled with an equally enraged sound make for a complete sensory experience worthy of a second listen.  The only major drawback is the lack of anything truly original on “Lift the Curse”, as several of the tracks feel rather redundant and derivative.  Complaints aside, Mushmouth should bring a smile to the faces of those who can’t get enough metalcore.  You know who you are. Hey, hey, hey!