Review: Neptune Thomas

Neptune Thomas
(Ugly Spot Music)

A smooth blend of pop-punk and metal, Neptune Thomas’ self-produced “TrashcanSuperhero” is sure to appeal to faithful followers of the so-cal, pop-rock implosion. These Orange County natives have played together for 6 years and frequently tour through Diego and LA. For a self-recorded, self-produced EP,  “TrashcanSuperhero” is a good  effort, particularly songs like, “What I Told You” and “Wacked” and a few other of the punkier sounding songs. Much of the lyrical content consists of the usual light love-themes, but Neptune Thomas takes these a bit farther and gets rather poetic, with lines like, “Feel my thoughts as they thunder and lightning” and “Can you pull the clouds out from my eyes”. Such literate undertakings are refreshing in a day when most of our fondest radio-sweethearts wouldn’’t know a metaphor if it slapped them across the face.