Modern Fix

NO ONE – by mike bushman


We at Modern Fix were graced with an invite to No One’s appearance in LA. Their label (Virgin Records) had a little get together at the Rainbow down the Sunset Strip from the Whiskey. There was to be food and drinks and much socializing. I live in San Diego. I left at 1:30 in the afternoon with hopes of hooking up with people and making the 6:00 pre-party. Traffic, people. Traffic. There is SO MUCH TRAFFIC in Southern California. It’s getting really bad. And what’s worse, it’s ignorant traffic. Ride your ass and slam on your brakes in 15 mile an hour traffic. Choke you out under the sun in the smog traffic. 4 Hours and 45 Minutes from San Diego to LA fucking traffic. (The drive is 1 hour and 45 at night in absolute zero traffic). I pretty much lost my mind.

Long story short, I didn’t make it to the Rainbow until about 7:45. We missed most the pre-party. Got a few comp drinks. Hung out in the darkest corner in the
upstairs bar at the Rainbow. (Love that bar. Drips with rock n roll. Anyone who is anyone in the rock world has haunted this legendary establishment). Makes you feel like doing smack while getting a hummer under the table from some eager groupie while discussing the finer points of smuggling drugs in your guitar case with Keith Richards. At least, that’s what it makes me feel like.

We hurried down the street to catch No One at the Whiskey. The sold out show and massively long press line reflected the 5-band bill headlined tonight by Spineshank.

No One is out supporting their self-titled major label debut. They are young and hungry. They are most definitely loud. They are not original. At all. They have the new jack metal riffs and the whisper to growl vocals. The dynamic is also very predictable. Raging intro. Pull it way back and quiet. Build it up. Blast it apart. Repeat. Blame it all on Korn. Now that the critical rant is over, No One is a decent band. They all represent live and play like they are still trying to get signed. The production their album received is most definitely larger than their club sound. The band is good; unfortunately, it will blend in with dozens of other bands that are representing the second and third wave on the nu-metal tip. I enjoyed their set and even rock their CD, but mainly cause I’m an easy sell with anything loud that believes in itself. The crowd waiting for Spineshank seemed to be peppered with No One fans. By the end of their set, there were more.

A band called Switched played next. They weren’t as oiled as No One, but played with relatively the same approach and made a sensible progression in the night. Riffed up, and down tuned guitars against that loud / quiet dynamic. Again the crowd seemed to accept and actually move when the proper rage and crash parts came through.

Spineshank has developed well. They have always carried themselves like they had something to prove, and well, they did. Their last album was an approved mark over their previous. And they blew apart the Whiskey tonight. Very tight. It’s usually a treat seeing a band that is comfortable opening for Fear Factory and much bigger venues work a room as small as the Whiskey. I’ve seen Spineshank twice before tonight. Put together, didn’t equal the show they gave up this eve. I’d list song titles, but they don’t have that much material. If you know a couple of Spineshank songs, yeah, they played those. Dominated the evening.
And fuck Kodak Max Zoom 800 film. I bought 4 rolls for the night. 2 were faulty. Thus, the lack of Spineshank pictures.
Bite me. Bite me. Bite me.