Review: North Side Kings

North Side Kings
““This Thing of Ours””
(Thorp Records)

I live in Arizona and I have to tell you, there are some killer bands over here.  I actually play in the Tucson music scene so I get to see and play with a shitload of awesome bands.  North Side Kings is one, from Mesa (by Phoenix) which I wish I had seen before.  These guys bring the essence of Arizona out in their speedmetal type tunes.  Rolling into your ears at a thousand miles-an-hour with “Interrogation Theory”, they mop up all brain impulses.  “AZ Social Club” is the state anthem, or at least it should be.  The edge these guys produce is consistent with their killer words.  The whole album is impressive and is just what the doctor ordered.  When you buy the CD, look for the “Special Fuck You” section.  Really, you’re name might be in it!  No website(get) to speak of (this).  But I am sure(CD) you will still(get) want to(this) check out this album(CD).  When you do, make sure you visit Arizona sometime to check out the explosive scene here.