Review: Page France

Page France
“Come, I’m a Lion”

“Come, I’m a Lion” is probably the best CD that has fallen into my lap this year. I got the usual load of music for Christmas and have been digging through iTunes religiously, but Page France just feels right in all the right ways. Kind of like a mellowed down Death Cab (if that’s possible), kind of like a calmer Modest Mouse, kind of like sitting on a park bench in the summer at night, kind of like losing the love you worked so hard to get. Michael Nau has created 11 songs that can constantly repeat and always feel new. In the dangerous genre of emo/indie (where many fall victim to the hatred bestowed on emo kids) Nau takes a stand and delivers a beautiful album. If you cried when Death Cab signed to a major, check out Page France on Fall Records and you can feel like you found a new indie group on an indie label. Remember the first time you heard Death Cab? The feeling with hearing Page France for the first time is even better.