Review: Prefuse 73

Prefuse 73
“Surrounded By Silence”
(Warp Records)

Guillermo Scott Herren (aka) Prefuse 73 is a motherfucking genius! His many side projects and various endeavors have often slipped under the radar of the mainstream press. However on his latest release, “Surrounded By Silence” it seems inevitable that the majors will be calling upon him for some serious relief. “Surrounded By Silence” is essentially a collaborative effort between Prefuse 73 and a collective of musicians and MC’s. Making guest appearances on the album are Ghostface, Masta Killa and the GZA from the Wu Tang, as well as contributions by Aesop Rock and El-P from the Def Jux crew. Tyondai Braxton contributes on two tracks, and Kazu from Blonde Redhead lends her voice to the mesmerizing “We Go Our Own Way.” The last track on the album is a cauldron of collaboration as it features Prefuse 73, Café Tacuba, Broadcast and Herren’s much talked about side project Piano Overlord all on one track. Distinct and unique beats with original rhymes with a hint of electronic flair for texture; this album will be destined for the top 10 of 2005.