Review: Pro-Pain

““Round 6””
(Spitfire Records)

This should be called You Can’t Judge An Album By Its Cover, “Round 6” has the lamest cover I’ve seen since Pantera’s “Power Metal”, but inside is one hell of a metal/hardcore album.  A combination of fast pasted beats with a verity of different musical sources, “Round 6” offers up some new takes on hardcore. This album signals the continuing evolution of the bands sound which is in the stages of experimenting with many different sources. The use of metal riffs over a punk bass drum combines the best of both worlds in an loud way. Perhaps the most notable track is “Substance” which includes clean vocals along with a horn section. Many songs go back to a more old-school style, keeping you guessing what’s coming next.  I haven’t been listening to Pro-Pain for very long, but this is easily the best album I’ve gotten my hands on.  The punk heritage comes out in an unusual way that really breaths life into my understanding of what hardcore can sound like.