Review: Remover

““Breakdown Barrier””
(Blue Worm Records)

Indie rock from the Twin Cities. To drop an early nineties Midwest comparison, a little Superball 63 vibe in the dingy guitar rock sound of Remover.  Most of the songs here are charged with an indie rock guitar edge with many examples of lightening of sound by pulling back on the chords, and letting the bass lines come through (heads up on the good bass player).  “Cheating Satellites” shoots for a more earnest song writing approach and large vocal presence before the guitars creep up into a more rock vibe.  A good rocking Jawbox roll and accent in “Come For Me”.  Not afraid to explore more melodic guitar pickings and pull the mood towards a more sullen and darker ideal as “Stop the Bleeding” displays with its shuffling progression that manages to keep getting louder and louder until the song finds the Remover stride.  With competent singing and command of melody, Remover could do well to even chart a radio hit with a little more attention to their hooks and melodic backing vocals.  The closing romp, “Chopper” has the most disjointed opening and is a dirtier sound all around for Remover and they wear this well also.  Three strong elements (guitar interplay, great mood setting bass work and the powerful vocals that get even more juice from strong backing) make Remover a band worthy of a listen for the indie rock crowd.