This is Eric Frisch.

The New York City based artist harkens back to more organic roots of song writing revolving around a man and his piano, a musician and his guitar, the creator and his instrument of choice. The core of Frisch’s music springs from this pure ethos, bringing to mind a more lounge-like Billy Joel, or even more, The Beatles anytime Lennon was behind the keys. Wilco fans should find a kindred spirit in the homespun songwriting.

Frisch wraps his piano lines around longing, drifting vocal lines that seem to fade off into each other, with sustained notes and lilting melodies that drag their feet while looking upward, eager to trip over their own already worn path.

This atmosphere has been streamlined into a recently released four-song EP, “Late In The Night”.

The recording process was is as remarkable as the songs that came out of the live sessions. Frisch elaborates, “I recorded the album with my band from midnight to 7am one night at Canterbury studio in Toronto. That’s why I called the album “Late in the Night”. Guess I could have called it “Early in the Morning.” All of the songs were recorded live in the studio in one take to tape. Everything you hear, except backup vocals was recorded as we played.”

The affair opens with the a song called, “As Long As I’m Alive” and captures the essence of the more musical spectrum of what Eric Frisch embeds in his music. Somber in tone, like closing time at your favorite bar, but with just a hint of, ‘things are going to be ok’. While the idea for the lyrics were swirling in his head, the actual words were elusive and ended up being written in the studio during the recording process. “I completely improvised the words to “As Long As I’m Alive” on the spot as we were recording. I tried writing words to it beforehand, and I just couldn’t do it. For whatever reason, I had writer’s block. But I knew I really wanted to record the song. It has this great piano chord progression that was really beautiful. All I had for words was “As long as I’m alive,” that’s it. And I knew I wanted it to be a love song. About how someone would go to any lengths in the world to be with the one they love. We did four or five takes of that one, all with completely different words, and I ended up liking this take the most.”


The odd duck on this release is the song, “Turn On Your Light” which has a main acoustic guitar bouncing on a country beat accompanied by a constant slide-guitar. Very Nashville, where the first two songs of this release are old school lounge New York. A solid enough track that shows Eric Frisch playing with some other influences and expanding his overall range considerably.

The closing number on this EP, “Loved You All Along” starts with Frisch’s voice starkly paired against a drum beat with a piano pushed WAY into the background… almost as if you, the listener, heard this coming from inside some house as you walked by… only to be welcomed inside when the song pulls all the levels together and presents the full musical idea. It’s a clever production trick that highlights Eric Frisch crafting his music in ways that goes past the writing, past the instrumentation and considers the overall presentation. It gives the song a good dose of personality and helps it stand apart from the more direct influences Frisch has no problem emulating.

“I drew a lot of inspiration from bands like Real Estate, Foxygen, and Best Coast, while of course still staying true to my Beatles and Beach Boys roots. Nothing I can do about that,” explains Frisch.

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*Bonus music.

Eric Frische has released a previously well-received album called, “Music Under Sea”. That body of music produced a few accompanying videos to supply some visuals to his 60’s inspired sounds.

“Pretty Girls”. Check the *almost* single take video style.

“Learn To Swim”

“All Over Town”

“In The Morning Light”