This is Michael P Cullen.

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This is Michael P Cullen & The Soul Searchers.

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They inhabit the wilds of Australia, creating moody, haunting music to keep away the legions of animals there that would like nothing more than to kill another human.

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I will eat your soul.

They recently shot a live video for their song, “Believer”… the second single to drop from the bands upcoming EP “Live at Lazybones”.

The song has an eerie presence that could find its home in any Nick Cave fan’s record collection. Recorded in Sydney, the number highlights the bands ability to craft dramatic passages within a single offering. Pulling back and letting the charismatic Cullen guide the ship throughout the song might lend to a chaotic and hard to follow vibe, but instead challenges the listener with unexpected shifts and movements that suspends the idea through deeper waters. The overall style and execution has a retro noir flair that works so well for artists like Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. And akin to those song-smiths known for their unique vocal approaches, Michael P Cullen commands his own sandy croon, somehow walking the line between a dry rust and some aged gin. The Soul Searchers are Cullen’s best support system and led by a drummer from another well known Sydney based band, The Church, (which explains the Gothic undercurrent).

Mix a stiff drink or three, crack open a pack of cheap cigarettes (I don’t care if you smoke… you want to experience this correctly or not?), and sink in your own glorious malaise, pondering where you could have done better for yourself. Michael P Cullen & The Soul Searchers understand.

The first advance single from the upcoming live album was a song called, “Black Dog”. A tune that sulks along in an accusatory tone. We’ve all been done wrong. Again, Michael P Cullen & The Soul Searchers understand. Have another drink. You need a light for that smoke?

Michael P Cullen has a previously released an acclaimed solo album called, “True Believer” which contained a song called, “Cha Cha Cha D’Amour'”. The lounge scene inspiration runs rampant through most of Cullen’s work.

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And for some range and comparison, here is that “Believer” song with a slightly different arrangement and backing musicians. While still a solid rendition of the song, after listening to this, go back and check out the live version with The Soul Searchers as his backing band to see which is easily the stronger version of this song.


More music and other information are available here at the Michael P Cullen website: