Review: Rotting Christ

Rotting Christ
(Century Media)

The latest from Greek black/goth metal group Rotting Christ is Khronos, a mid-paced tribute to their obvious influences, Venom, and Cradle of Filth.  Don’t expect anything to blow you out of the musical waters with this album, but it is entertaining.  It seems to be coming from the standpoint of the epic tale sort of thing, giving the music a less of a heavy feel and slowing it down somewhat.  The guitars are well textured, especially with the lead wails that highlight the solos.  The keyboards were excellent, rich in mood and expression, some of the best parts were emphasized by great usage of the wall of sound put out behind the rest of the band.   The lyrics are predictably focused on evil and dark stuff, almost boring, just because it has been done so much.  Black metal and the whole; winter, dark, evil, death, you just never would have seen that coming.  The total lack of any high speed moments or ANY beat blasts was a partial let down, and the singing was close to uninspired.  Sound like an album that you should avoid?  Probably, unless you are heavily in to the more goth side of black metal.  Khronos lacks the fire that most metal fans desire from music, which is not to say the album is bad, just mediocre.  There are a few decent tracks, the last three or four managed to brake out some good sounds and more capturing tempo changes. “Time Stands Still” has fast parts, some growls (albeit at the very end), and “Glory Of Sadness” was probably the only other gem worth mentioning.