Review: The Sacrifice Poles

The Sacrifice Poles
“Self Titled”
(Robodog Records)

Heard of Cave In?  This is what they do when they have writers block.  They create indie-rock-esque intrumental jams.  (that means “no words” for you slow kids).  Spacey, expansive and guitar structured, it makes good atmosphere background music.  Effects are mostly laid through the guitars, although other subtle sonic elements are woven in around the drum/bass/guitar skeleton.  Moody and dramatic vibes flow through the bulk of this and are accentuated by the minimalistic approach The Sacrifice Poles employ.  They do explore some acoustic guitars and a more uplifting vibe in, “Neon Glow” to break up the seriousness with a sense of perhaps, hope.  For the musicphile who needs something their friends don’t have.  Also recommended for you indie movie hacks looking for some hip musical score to accompany your next girl on drugs driving though the desert movie.