Review: Screeching Weasel

Screeching Weasel
““Teen Punks In Heat””
(Panic Button)

What is this?  The 100th Screeching Weasel release? Regardless, this is a sweeeeet album.  Good sound, and with the typical bitching about girls that young punk bands try to pull but are mostly unsuccessful with. This latest release off Panic Button is 20 songs long, but you wouldn’’t know it, considering it finishes in at around a half hour. That’s an odd quirk that SW and few other bands can pull off: plenty of songs, which are technically repetitive but you wouldn’’t notice unless you tried.  A few standout songs are “Gotta Girlfriend” and “I Wanna Fuck”.  Although there really isn’’t one bad song on here, if you don’t like SW, don’t buy this CD.  There is nothing new here. For anyone into them, this is defiantly another one for the collection.