Review: Sixty Watt Shaman

Sixty Watt Shaman
““Seeds of Decades””
(Spitfire Records)

Yee-haw!  Dem boys from back East knows how to rock.  Yep, damned if it don’t sound like Jethro Tull and Lynyrd Skynyrd done had themselves a baby and named it Sixty Watt Shaman.  Des boys new record “Seeds of Decades” sounds like somethin’ I used to hear on Uncle Jeb’s 8-Track stereo system a few years back.  Lots a dem geetars and screamin’ and such, as y’all might be expectin’ to hear from a bunch a fellas who, judgin’ from the photo on da cover of this here CD, seem to wear themselves an awful lot of flannel.  Not to be suggestin’ that they sound a lots like those grunge bands that came outta the Pacific Northwest a couple a years ago.  Sure, a couple a tracks might a’ reminded me a little bit of those fellers that got themselves that band Soundgarden (I seen them once on a TeeVee in Lil’ Rock) but Sixty Watt Shaman is a little more roots rock-and-roll.  Gonna be tough to find people who’ll like this here record outside of Virginia, but y’all never can tell.  If that Latin music can make a comeback, well Hell, anythin’ be possible, I suppose.