Review: Skarhead

““NY Thugcore: The Hardcore Years 1994-2000””
(Triple Crown Records)

Skarhead.  The name seems so tough, they have really seen the thug life.  I am terrified that I might get a beat-down.  New York style hardcore with all of it’s macho attitude seeps through the midnight air.  “Sex, Drugs, Money”, screams the big scary man on a little live show sample before the first song.  A few more of the little live snippets (painful  studio tracks follow  each live snippet) feature such poetic verse as “If you see your ex-girlfriend with another guy, punch her in the fucking mouth, then punch him in the mouth”, and “Where’s the women at, I want pussy for free”.  Cool!  Testosterone charged, misogynistic bullshit.  My favorite!  Don’t buy this CD, don’t even waste you time looking at it.  The music is derivative and boring, the lyrics are infantile at best, but if you are into the New York style shit, go on out and buy this, go home and pop it in the CD player and shoot yourself.  Come on Skarhead tough guys, give this tired old shit a rest.  Well, as they say, “You know how Skarhead do it, we up all night drinkin’’ beers and sniffin’’ coke, and smokin’’ weed, and fuckin’’ bitches”, I guess there is No Rest For The Incredibly Stupid.