Review: Sky Came Falling  

Sky Came Falling
(Ferret Records)

Hardcore emo CD from Long Island hardcore emo band with occasional prettyness inserted before or after the hardcore emo tunes, but occasionally taking over most of a hardcore emo tune to really break things up and confuse the only half-sleeping listener.  The cover art incorporates a J.D. Salinger text and a picture of a pretty chick and one of the songs is titled “Laura Palmer” to give us an idea of where their pop-culture tastes are at.  Kids will love, love, love this for a while until it gets on Mtv (via this band or one of their peers who are quicker to sell out) and then the other kids that don’t really get to be called “kids” in forums such as this will get to love, love, love it for a while and then it will be really fucked out and quickly turn into something nobody will ever remember.  Kind of like EMF.  Remember EMF?  You know kids thought they were cool and part of an “underground movement” at one point in time?  Remember them?  They actually played with Tad once.  Do you remember Tad?  They were “grunge”.  Grunge is what came before emo.  Tad have been mostly forgotten because they were all pretty fat.  God . . .  fat people . . .  what are you gonna do with them?