Review: Sloppy Meateaters

Sloppy Meateaters
““Forbidden Meat””
(Orange Peal Records)

This three-piece punk band from Rome, Georgia, must be doing something right.  They’ve only been together a couple of years and their music was included on a Razor Freestyle Playstation game, they played a show on the Warped Tour, played on TV’s Farm Club, released their first album, and are getting ready to release yet another titled “Forbidden Meat.” Their newest contains songs with easy flowing lyrics and that poppy-punk sound, which make the tracks catchy and lovable.  It might be easy these days to turn ones nose up at just another trendy pop-punk sounding band, but it would be a mistake to over look this unit without giving this release a spin.  With songs like, “One dream at a Time” and “Fresh Air,” this record is easy on the ears.  Sloppy Meateaters aren’’t as unruly as the hardest punk band, but they are by no means as “pop culture” driven as Blink 182.  They run the lines of NOFX and the Atari’s.  The Sloppy Meateaters sound has definitely matured since their first album, “Shameless Self-Promotion.” For those into the lighter side of punk, definitely pick up the “Forbidden Meat” when it comes out in June.  It will fill the space nicely in any skater-punk collection.