We all have ‘the story’.

You know… the one about that one time, we were all so drunk, and all that crazy shit happened?

Mine involves Mole Lake Bluegrass Festival, an 1/8 of mushrooms, a half hit of LSD, an M-80, and a near-death experience that didn’t really happen.

Comedians are the best story tellers, who also tend to have train-wrecks for lives. But their misery and misfortune make for the best tales.

Comedy Central wisely hit upon this formula and has launched a series called, ‘This Is Not Happening’ hosted by Ari Shaffir.

Presented in a stand-up setting, the shorts feature various comedians recounting some of their most messed up moments.

*Note: Whoever does the opening sequences should get an award. Each episode features an original, themed intro done in an ambitious visual style.

Joe Rogan Meets a Crazy Stripper

Jim Bruer – Bombing in Sears

Ari Shaffir & Mat Edgar – Camping on Mushrooms

Henry Rollins – Punk Rock Hyenas (a lot of these seem to involve hallucinogens)

Duncan Trussell – Dying on Acid

There are many more of these on the Comedy Central YouTube channel. Good stuff.