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back to DVD reviews home Artist: Yellowman Title: Live in San Francisco Label: 2B1 Records / MVD

Yellowman became famous with American college crowds in the ’80s for his sexually explicit dancehall style. Much of this was seen as homophobic and sexist and the ’90’s saw Yellowman entirely reinvent himself. This 1998 concert from the Maritime Hall in San Francisco is a socially aware Yellowman encouraging condom use and directly warning against mistreatment of women. Full of energy and racing across the stage, Yellowman packages most of these tunes into medleys of songs. Along with his dancehall pieces, Yellowman works in many covers. Some work much better than others. For example, “Girl Watcher” comes off very well, but the rendition of “Blueberry Hill” does not fit. The encore gives a touch of old school Yellowman slackness for the fans. Special features on the DVD are photo gallery, discography and poster catalog.

Tom “Tearaway” Schulte