This is a set of Setae Silver Flatware created by Francis Bitonti Studio.

Setae is plural of Seta, a biological term derived from the Latin word for “bristle”.

This is a clever name, considering these eating utensils are created from single bands of silver, joined and fused for both a practical as well as artful result.

From the studio’s website:

“Four independent strands cohere and separate creating a landscape of fibers nestled into the hand. The separation and cohesion of these long linear elements is used to produces local difference to beautifully satisfy the demands of a functional set of flatware. The Flatware is manufactured with the latest 3D metal printing technology and finished with sterling silver.”


I am 100% percent certain most Elves eat with silverware exactly like this.

Stop staring at my silverware

Stop staring at my silverware

The company is an art gallery more than a production company for forks and knives, so don’t expect to see these at Wal-Mart anytime soon.

Here are some other visually stunning works from the Francis Bitonti Studio.


silvergown silvershoes