Review: Battlefield 2: Special Forces

Battlefield 2: Special Forces

Platform: PC
Developer: Digital Allusions
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1 + online


When Battlefield 1942 made it’s debut a few years back, the game blew everyone away, both in graphics and gameplay. Battlefield: Vietnam came after, and while it was decent, failed to spark much interest. Battlefield 2 was a complete upgrade to the graphics engine, and unlike it’s predecessor BF1942, had much more fluid multiplayer, because that’s really what all the Battlefield games are about. Online multiplayer, up to 64 people (32 per team) fight to the death, trying to take over the enemies bases and hold them long enough until the round is over. Battlefield 2 brought the online fighting to modern times, with Apache Helicopters, Humvee’s and advanced weaponry along with a completely new and great feature, squads. You can team with up to five others, carrying out your own missions via commands from your squad leader, or your teams commander. So what’s Special Forces? Basically an expansion to BF2. New are a half dozen maps, weapons (like gas grenades, zip lines, grappling hooks, flash bombs, etc) and vehicles. While it doesnt sound like much in the bang-for-buck, the new maps are all very fun, especially the ones set at night, when nightvision becomes mandatory.

Like all the games in the Battlefield series, this game is a HUGE resource hog. Don’t even bother to play if your videocard is over 2-3 years old, you won’t be able to, or you might, but the laggy gameplay will get too frustrating. However, if your PC can handle it, Special Forces is currently the best PC online FPS right now, period. Better than Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat or anything else. If you’ve got the hardware, you will not be disappointed… period.