Review: MLB Slugfest Loaded

MLB Slugfest Loaded

Platform: XBox
Developer: Luxoflux
Publisher: Activision
Players: 1-2 + Online

I am not a sports fan, I am a gamer… and while I used to play little league back in the day, I haven’t actually played a ‘baseball’ game since the Atari 2600. They’ve come a long way. Real teams and real stats. Which probably gives a decided advantage to those that are familiar with the stronger players and how to best utilize their statistical advantages.

Aside from the regular baseball game of alternating pitching / batting, MLB Slugfest adds some flava to the mix. You occasionally get the ability to throw a ‘special pitch’ of some physically impossible insane screwball, fireball, bouncer, etc that can usually be counted on for a strike. Small menu additions like “Headlines” that show small mock-ups of the ‘sports news’ as the season progresses add some minimal flavor. And the ability to punch players on base (occasionally causing a dropped ball) is what this Slugfest franchise is all about. And there is a song by San Diego’s own Buckfast Superbee that plays behind one of the menus, and that’s very cool.

Fun and super easy controls, unlockable fantasy parks and ‘special teams’ make it enjoyable for the ‘non-baseball’ gamer but with advanced tweaks like scouting new players, trades, pitcher swaps and player substitutions, the couch managers should find enough depth to challenge the whole season.