This is the cast of the the upcoming television show, “Ash vs The Evil Dead” which will premiere on the Starz channel this October.

The Evil Dead is a series of films by horror master Sam Raimi (who also did the original Spiderman Trilogy and Oz the Great and Powerful).

Bruce Campbell (pictured above with the shotgun) has starred in all the Evil Dead movies.

Evil Dead was a straight up horror movie with some subtle, unintentional comedic elements.

Evil Dead II was more horror, plus more intentional comedic elements.

Army of Darkness is the third film in this trilogy, and went for over-the-top horror for a full on comedic effect.

Evil Dead was rebooted as a straight forward horror movie in 2013.

The television show seems to have recaptured the campy element classic to this series that revolves around the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, an ancient Sumerian book which wreaks havoc upon anyone foolish enough to be around when its evil verses are read.


Deadite kills followed by wry one-liners delivered by a hammy Ash Williams (Campbell) sounds like the perfect approach for a television series.

Check the trailer… looks legit.