This is Orange Country, CA band Atreyu.

They are what is considered ‘metalcore’… a hybrid of extreme metal and hardcore punk with a heavy dose of Hot Topic.

The genre specializes in being ‘intense’ with their music, so this band naturally named their group after this…

... the kid, not the horse.

… the kid, not the horse.

To be fair, “The Neverending Story” is pretty kick-ass (don’t get me started on that hamster vomit of a sequel)… so cut the emotional kids a little slack, worse bands names have been chosen for sure.

The group has released six full lengths (and had about as many bassplayers), the latest of which was, “Long Live” in 2015 on Spinefarm Records.


Atreyu has released a live footage compilation for the track, “A Bitter Broken Memory” that was gathered from film shot on tour supporting the last album.

Drummer/vocalist Brandon Saller comments: “This video essentially shows a bit of the journey that ‘Long Live’ has had so far. From being in the studio to playing club shows to playing in stadiums. We wanted to give our fans a little view of what we’ve been doing for the last year and what this record has done for us.”