This is Candlebox.

They were a ‘right band right place’ perfect storm of having that grunge look and being from the ‘it’ city, but didn’t come with so much of that dark angst most of the Seattle bands were known for churning out between heroin overdoses and cutting the sleeves off their flannels.

When they broke with their hit, ‘You’, they cracked the Hard Rock Top 10 and looked like this…


I promise I won’t use the term, ‘grunge lite’ anywhere in this post.

As the 90’s faded, so did the band’s sales and ability to coalesce as a group. By 2000, Candlebox was on hiatus and involved in disputes with their record label over an unfinished fourth album.

Over the next half a decade, numerous side-projects and non-musical career paths pulled everyone from Candlebox, so by the time a reunion show in 2006 sparked the beginnings of new material, the only remaining full-time core member was original vocalist Kevin Martin.

Into the Sun” was released in 2008 and a follow-up, “Love Stories and Other Musings” came out in 2012. Some limited touring and a responsive fan base has kept the fuel burning to keep producing music under this incarnation of Candlebox.

A new album, “Disappearing in Airports” is scheduled to be released in April of 2016 through Pavement Music.

The first single, ‘I’ve Got A Gun’ has been made available for streaming. It holds down a solid rock edge that is surprisingly fresh for a band that has existed for 25 years and putting out their sixth album.

Here is another track of the new album, ‘Vexacious’. Again, showcasing the edge of melody that Candlebox likes to flow upon.

Set the way-back machine for 1991, Sherman, and dial the radio to that station that plays the same song over and over again until you hate it.


This is a favorite song of strippers who should have stopped 15 years ago…

‘Far Behind’