This is Cleveland rock band Filter.

Singer Richard Patrick formed the group in 1993 after leaving NIN as their touring guitarist.

Most know the unit from their debut album single, “Hey Man Nice Shot” that cracked the top 20 in 1995.

Patrick has been the band’s only constant, but since he seems to be the hit writer, or at least smart enough to work with hit writers, it is his spirit that fuels Filter.

The band found another high charting song after departing from their edgy industrial rock formula in the drifting acoustic driven number, “Take A Picture”… most notably about the (vaguely) true story of a naked Patrick on a plane.

Other than a 4 year hiatus in the mid-2000s, Filter has constantly been releasing music.

The newest, “Crazy Eyes”, is set for release in April 2016 via Wind-Up Records.


Frontman Richard Patrick revealed the extremely personal nature of the track: ‘Take Me to Heaven’ was written after my dad just died, and where I’m coming from is, I’m trying to find if there’s an afterlife and I’m trying to believe in it. It’s very hopeful,” says the singer. “There’s no more authentic and real that I could have gotten as a singer and lyricist.”

Check the pummeling opening track, ‘Mother E’ that features an ugly stomp with a few vulnerable moments… creative dissonance is an area Filter has always excelled.

Fun Fact… This guy Richard Patrick, singer of Filter…


… is this guy, Robert Patrick’s brother…


… who of course was this guy, the T-1000… and the T-1000 was beyond awesome…

And as always… I include the classics for ya… because I care.

“Hey Man Nice Shot”

‘Take A Picture’