This is Crisix.

They are one of the thrashiest thrash bands to ever thrash.

Origins are… Spain, of all places. Crazy metal Spaniards thrashing madly across the country-side.

File this under ‘classic thrash’. These are the kids of parents who grew up on 80’s thrash, and then subjected their offspring to endless cycles of Anthrax, Metallica, Exodus, Testament, Megadeth, Pantera, maybe some D.R.I. or Nuclear Assault… perhaps some Morbid Angel when they were bad. Followed by mandatory family mosh pits.

Yeah, those kids grew up in Spain, and formed a band called Crisys… then changed their named to Crysix in 2011.

They’ve got a couple of full lengths out… 2011’s “The Menace” and 2013’s “Rise.. Then Rest”.

Prepare to be crushed by the Ultra-Thrash…

These guys seem to fall into the ‘have fun and don’t take yourselves too seriously’ school… while still being sonically aggressive with the blazing speed tempos.


The band is willing to take chances and blend some unexpected influences in… and then the THRASH!

Witness, “Brutal Gadget”.

In 2014 the band signed with German label Apostasy Records which expanded the distribution in Europe and North America.

The thrash is strong with these up-n-comers. Waiting for the tour…