This is muther-fucking Suicidal Angels.

The greek thrash metal band was formed in 2001.

Had this group started in the late 80’s or early 90’s, they would have been among the titans of thrash.

If the band is guilty of wearing any influence heavily, Slayer is the obvious starting point.

Suicidal Angels create blindingly fast, thrash-tastic riffs of mayhem, dripping in bloody evil, combined with an assault of percussion and a guttural growl of vocals that summon demons with every foul breath.

The band’s core fan-base is in Europe, as that is mainly where the Suicidal Angels have toured.

Five full length releases and a few demos amounts to an extensive catalog of vicious metal for anyone who might not have this band on their metal radar.

Suicidal Angels has a new album, “Division of Blood” (NoiseArt Records) that is set to release in May of 2016.


A statement from the band reads: “Against the odds of the times (that we live), against gods, masters and slaves, the ‘Division Of Blood’ marches on and kills! Another incredible piece of art from Mr. Repka, follows our official sixth studio album. The banners of the Moshing Crew raise high and the legions are ready to unleash all the passion and the flame. Join the forces to clear the path, one is the way, no side loss just wrath!”

Although at the time of this writing, the new music has not been released, there is PLENTY of Suicidal Angels to check out to prepare ourselves for the new album.

Here is a track from each album, in chronological order, of Suicidal Angels… one of your new favorite satanic thrash bands. Promise.

“The Prophecy”


“Beggar of Scorn”


“In The Grave”